Saalbrunnen fountain

There is a well shaft at this location, which was underneath an asphalt surface until 2012. As part of the urban redevelopment, the Saalbrunnen fountain became part of the townscape again. Today, travertine blocks mark its location. The location of the Saalbrunnen is particularly interesting: it is situated exactly at the intersection of the longitudinal and transverse axes of the Carolingian core development. The location of the Saalbrunnen thus marked the centre of the palace complex around 800. The symmetrical arrangement of the palace buildings is an important characteristic of the Ingelheim imperial palace.

No reliable research results are yet available on the exact age of the well shaft. However, due to its clear relationship to the rest of the Carolingian buildings, it is likely that this well was also built around the year 800. The Saalbrunnen was used to draw water until the first half of the 20th century. Like numerous other historically documented wells, it bears witness to the abundance of water in the area around the Palatinate.

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