Brunnenpfad (Fountain path)

The entrance to the “Brunnenpfad” (Fountain path) is hidden at the far end of this square. If you follow the narrow path on the left, the “Brunnenpfad” leads close to the narrow buildings of the Zuckerberg area. The origin of the name “Brunnenpfad” is unknown. It was probably a path used by residents to reach wells outside the fortified defence walls. The so-called health fountain is also located at this circular path station. A staircase leads to the spring water, which bubbles at a depth of 4 metres and used to be channelled to the Saalmühle mill on the north side of the imperial palace. Today, the spring feeds the “Auf dem Graben” water playground. The fountain is a testimony to the abundance of water in the Imperial Palace area of Ingelheim. It is fed by spring and stratum water that flows down from the slopes of the Rhine-Hessian plateau to the Rhine ditch. Contrary to what the name “health fountain” suggests, the water is only of average quality and should not be drunk.

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