Knowledge transfer

One of the most important tasks of the Kaiserpfalz Research Centre is the maintenance of the Archaeological Zone Kaiserpfalz (AZK) as the historical and tourist visiting card of the town of Ingelheim. This includes all monument areas including the access infrastructure such as paths, lighting, information signage etc. Maintenance includes monument preservation, structural, touristic and technical aspects as well as traffic safety issues. These tasks are the responsibility of the knowledge transfer unit, which is therefore responsible for the maintenance of Ingelheim’s main tourist attraction.

Photographic work that arises in all areas of work at the Kaiserpfalz Research Centre (photography of finds in the finds archive, documentation of the condition of the monument areas, documentation of exhibitions and events) is also the responsibility of the knowledge transfer department.

Tag des offenen Denkmals 2019: Spielen, wo einst der Kaiser thronte. Bild: Stadt Ingelheim, Benjamin May.

Tasks of the Knowledge transfer unit

Conception, creation, maintenance and updating of all stationary information facilities within the AZK such as text panels, display cases, digital information services

Designing, creating, maintaining and updating location-independent information media such as information brochures, Kaiserpfalz app, website

Maintenance of the permanent exhibition “Kaiserpfalz” in the visitor centre and museum at the Kaiserpfalz

Conception and organisation of recurring annual events (Open Monument Day, Night of Art)

Acting as an interface between the Kaiserpfalz research centre and tour guides

Development of information signage for medieval properties in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate on behalf of the General Directorate for Cultural Heritage (GDKE)

Specialist support for other institutions such as the GDKE on request

Zur Nacht der Kunst erstrahlt das Denkmal, wie hier die Aula regia 2019, in bunten Farben. Bild: Stadt Ingelheim, Benjamin May. 

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