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Virtual Tour: The charismatic place

The virtual tour includes all rooms and objects from the exhibition The Charismatic Place, which delighted the public in Ingelheim in 2019.

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Archaeology at the church of St Remigius: Two films

The medieval tower of St Remigius’ Church contains one of the most important finds in the history of the Kaiserpfalz in recent years: the well-preserved remains of a baptismal font from the 6th/7th century. In the 11th century, this site was also used as a cemete ground.

The Kaiserpfalz Research Centre has produced two short films on this subject in collaboration with medieval archaeologist Sebastian Ristow, who specialises in Christianisation.

The films explain the archaeological findings in a particularly vivid way: reconstruction views show what the church and the baptistery may have originally looked like around 1400 years ago. Information on full-body baptism, which was customary at the time, is also illustrated.

Both films can also be downloaded from the information boards at St Remigius Church using QR codes.

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Digital short tours: Empresses in Ingelheim

In six short videos, historian Miriam Maslowksi presents five empresses of the Middle Ages, each of whom played an important role in the history of Ingelheim: Adelheid of Burgundy (931/32-999), Theophanu (960-991), Kunigunde of Luxembourg (980-1033), Gisela of Swabia (989/90-1043) and Agnes of Poitou (1019/30-1077) – they were all „Empresses in Ingelheim – consorts in the empire as well as in the marriage bed“.

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Pillars of power – Empresses in the Kaiserpfalz Ingelheim (PDF, 1 MB)

The flyer provides detailed information about the five empresses of the Middle Ages who made an appearance in the history of Ingelheim.

Kaiserpfalz Journal

Since 2018/19, the Kaiserpfalz Research Centre has been publishing the Kaiserpfalz Journal with reports on the archaeological excavations, exhibitions, publications, projects and much more.

Kaiserpfalz Journal 2021 (PDF, 10 MB)

A special edition of the Kaiserpfalz Journal focusing on digital applications in archaeology and knowledge transfer was published 2021 to mark the Day of Regional History, which took place in Ingelheim that year under the motto Digital Middle Ages.

Kaiserpfalz Journal 2020 (PDF, 12 MB)

The third edition of the Kaiserpfalz Journal documents exciting discoveries and new finds from the 2019 and 2020 excavation campaigns, including a burial from the Bronze Age. The magazine also provides an overview of the most important projects of the year, such as the exhibition Pillars of Power.

Kaiserpfalz Journal 2018/19 (PDF, 5 MB)

The Kaiserpfalz Journal 2018/19 focuses on the multi-year rescue excavation in the parcel “Am gebrannten Hof”. Not only were discovered pit houses from the Early Middle Ages (Merovingian) there, but also a burial ground from the late Bronze Age (Urnfield Culture) and a sacred area from the Roman Imperial period.

The circular route booklet

Historischer Rundweg Kaiserpfalz (PDF, 10 MB)

This (german) booklet is designed to accompany you on the historical circular route through the Kaiserpfalz Ingelheim archaeological zone. The circular route leads to all points of historical interest where the history of the palace can be traced. The stations are colour-coded according to the five building phases of the palace's history. This makes it easier to distinguish between the individual building phases or to navigate to specific points. There is a special information point for each construction phase with detailed information on site.

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