Experience history first hand
Experience history first hand
Das sogenannte Heidesheimer Tor der Ingelheimer Pfalzanlage (Foto: Stadt Ingelheim, Benjamin May)

Research – Preserve – Communicate

Welcome to the Kaiserpfalz of the city of Ingelheim am Rhein!

Charlemagne had a palace built in today’s Nieder-Ingelheim district around the year 800, the impressive ruins of which can be visited in the Archaeological Zone Kaiserpfalz (AZK). The Kaiserpfalz Research Centre, headed by medieval archaeologist Holger Grewe, is responsible for researching and preserving this unique early medieval monument.

In 1993, work began on gradually uncovering and preserving the remains of the palace buildings, which had been buried over the centuries and had almost disappeared under modern buildings, and making them accessible to the public. Today, the Kaiserpfalz of Ingelheim is the town’s most important monument and is one of the best-preserved early medieval palaces in Europe. Its preservation for future generations is therefore one of the most important tasks of the Kaiserpfalz Research Centre.

At the same time, with exhibitions such as The Charismatic Place in 2019, we want to arouse interest in an era that still harbours many secrets. Time and again, we come across unexpected and surprising things during our excavations. Based on the results of our research, we also develop digital educational content such as virtual tours or digital reconstructions of the Kaiserpfalz. In this way, we are constantly learning and gaining an idea of what Ingelheim might have looked like around 1200 years ago.

This website offers exciting insights into our research as well as all the important information for a visit to the Kaiserpfalz Archaeological Zone in Ingelheim.

You can also find lots more information on our Facebook page.

Have fun browsing and discovering!

Pillars of power: 360° tour of the monument

Discover all the monuments of the Archaeological Zone Kaiserpfalz, including the 2020 Pillars of Power presentation, on a virtual 360° tour:

» To the tour

Download now: The Kaiserpfalz app

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The Kaiserpfalz app is the ideal companion for a visit to the medieval palace ruins in Ingelheim. As a digital guide, it supplements the information in the circular route booklet and the signposting in the Kaiserpfalz area with audio texts, picture galleries and digital reconstructions. The Kaiserpfalz app is available free of charge from the AppStore and Play Store .

The karolinger-route website also offers a wealth of additional information. For example, you can use overlays to compare the current state of the site with the reconstructions.

Current News

24.8.2023: The Kaiserpfalz Research Centre has published volume 3.1 of its scientific series: ‘Schriftquellen zur Pfalz Ingelheim. Lateinische Texte der karolingischen Epoche gesammelt, übersetzt und kommentiert’ is the title of the book published by Michael Imhof Verlag.

4.8.2023: Since 2015, archaeologists from the Kaiserpfalz Research Centre have been investigating the early medieval burial ground between Rotweinstraße and Stevenagestraße. In June, the Franconian cemetery once again had a big surprise in store: amidst the numerous graves that had already been looted in the Middle Ages, the burial of a man came to light who had been buried in the ground untouched for over 1,300 years.

21.12.2022: Historians and archaeologists examined the diverse relationships between northern and central Europe in the early Middle Ages at an international conference. Two medieval experts from Ingelheim, Holger Grewe, Head of the Kaiserpfalz Research Centre, and Ramona Kaiser (Project Development Department), also travelled to Aachen.

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