Jewish cemetery

A gate leads to the grounds of the modern Jewish cemetery. This was established in the 18th century at the latest in the former Zwinger, a strip of land just five metres wide next to the Aula regia. The majority of the graves probably date back to the 19th century, but it is no longer possible to date them precisely due to the severe weathering of the gravestones.

After the National Socialist seizure of power, the Jewish cemetery was expropriated in 1935. All 25 gravestones were moved to the Jewish cemetery in Ober-Ingelheim. When the entrance to the Aula regia was redesigned in 2002, the gravestones were brought back and, as far as possible, placed in their original location. At the far end of the cemetery is an information board with detailed explanations about the cemetery. The key for the access gate to the cemetery can be borrowed from the Visitor Centre and Museum at the Imperial Palace.

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