Defence ditch "Kräutergarten"

The course of a former moat from the 12th century can be recognised on the outside of the semi-circular building. This was created as part of the castle-like fortification of the Palatinate by the Hohenstaufen dynasty and was 16 metres wide and over five metres deep. As part of the fortifications, the entrance to the semi-circular building via the imposing “Heidesheim Gate” was also walled up. Today, a paved path traces the early medieval route to the gate, which was originally flanked by towers.

The semi-circular shape of the green area with playground and the street “Auf dem Graben” above it is still modelled on the monumental semi-circular building of the imperial palace. This had a diameter of 89 metres. A herb garden was created opposite the Heidesheim Gate in 2012. It is stocked with useful plants and fruit trees that are already listed in the Capitulare de villis, Charlemagne’s estate ordinance (747/48-814). The Capitulare served as a guide on how a royal estate should be managed in order to be prepared at all times for visits from the constantly travelling ruler and his entourage.

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