Search for clues

As part of the urban redevelopment of the Kaiserpfalz Ingelheim archaeological zone, the floor plan of the Kaiserpfalz was made visible in the road surface. From this vantage point, the pavement markings up the slope are particularly easy to recognise. White travertine slabs show the course of early medieval foundations from the construction phase around 800, which are now located beneath the modern roads and paths. Among other things, the course and dimensions of the semi-circular building can be recognised here, although there are no longer any remains of walls above ground in this area.

The light grey cobblestones mark the base of the Carolingian palace complex. The view across the square also shows blue-grey basalt paving. This darker paving emphasises the area around which the imperial palace was extended from 1160. Dark basalt slabs trace the course of the Hohenstaufen defence walls. This can be seen particularly well on the Zuckerberg, above the square. There, the ground plan of a former tower of the Staufer fortifications is marked by basalt slabs in the pavement. The information boards and compass table at this station invite you to search for clues in the monument area.

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